Saturday, January 1, 2011

Highlights and Resolutions

No matter how I look at it, it was a pleasant end to the year 2010 (and I insist on saying twenty-ten not two-thousand-and-ten). I was typing up things I've learned in 2010 when I realized I was making the king of cheesy lists. Don't want that now do we? It started looking less like a list and more like my life story. I'll try a new list this time.

Highlights of 2010 include:
  • Getting hired at Burger King (then quitting it) and Toys R Us.
  • First semester as a small group (family group) leader.
  • Watching World of Dance: New York. Met (and probably creeped out) Poreotics! I'm like a little fangirl for them.
  • Going to my first ever dance class.
  • The start of this blog. And Tumblr too. I just checked. I made it in January.
  • Won my first giveaway.
Feels like there was more to my year highlights, but I guess if I can't remember them off the top of my head, I can't say they are truly highlights. I feel so young, but much older than I have in my life. Might be the lack of sleep in this month catching up to me.

But this was a good month as a whole to end this year.

Giving Josh his first taste of Malaysian food.

Getting some "siu long bao" or Shanghai soup dumplings with high school buddies at Joe's Shanghai.

Watching Syracuse win in the Pinstripe Bowl at James' place.

I suppose this when I start listing New Year's Resolutions. However, as the years go by, resolutions seem should I put it? Relevant? I don't know. I'm at a loss with my wording right now. My eyes feel like they've gained about 20 pounds in the past 5 minutes. I'm probably going to start a new book now that I've just finished Hunger Games (which I will dedicate a blog post about. I recommend it to anyone looking for a good read).

Back to resolutions. I was never good at keeping them. I just looked back on my high school blog and one of my first posts was a resolutions list. The only thing I managed to do was pass Calculus. I ended up getting a job which was also on the list, but a year later. Does that still count? There was 12 things on that list. I did 1 (kind of 2?). I've never made a list since.

I don't need to. If I see the need to improve myself, I'll do it then. I don't need a specific day to announce to myself how to improve my own well being. The only immediate thing I can say I want to accomplish in 2011 (well, more like as soon as possible but it is 2011) is get my permit then license. Long overdue. I've been nagged about it for the longest time now. I would have gotten it by now but the bus and subway system surround me and give me a convenient way to travel.

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  1. OMG. i love that soup dumpling thingy....
    happy new year stanley :)

    "....Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead" Philippians 3:13