Friday, December 23, 2011

Timeline and Math

It's sad how we lose touch with people who we used to share laughs with everyday. I've updated my Facebook to the new timeline last week and I finally decided to scroll through the early years of having Facebook.

One of the first posts I saw was a status update. December 13, 2008: "GOT ACCEPTED INTO COLLEGE! Syracuse '13!" Almost every comment was some sort of congratulations, except for one person. Let's call him Jeambon in this post (which is his last name. I love his last name). We used to have math together senior year (and I'm sure we had more classes together before that but my memory is failing me). We used to talk all the time in class and laughed at each other when we failed, or near-failed, our quizzes and exams. It was senior year, grades didn't matter anymore. Well his comment said "don't fail math now". Just reading that now makes me miss all the laughs we had together in high school. Now we don't even talk anymore. Honestly, I completely forgot about Jeambon until I re-read this status.

Nostalgia washed over me as I looked at pictures from the last day of classes to prom to pies on pi day. I used to wish for high school to end as soon as possible. Looking back, it's easy to miss those days.

I wonder what I'll be thinking fives years from now. Oh and thank you Facebook for this timeline even if it means more breaches in our privacy.

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