Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Break Food and The Good Steer

Instead of making a post about Spring Break, I decided to make a post about the noticeable things I ate during Spring Break. I wish I took more pictures, but half of them were almost entirely devoured by the time I remembered to take a picture.

My first night back at home and I'm welcomed home with steak and tomato paste/sauce over rice. So good...

A more homemade Chinese dinner.

Japanese buffet...somewhere in Douglaston I think. It's called Mizumi. Sushi is alright. But what makes it awesome is the incredibly fast service and red velvet cakes for dessert. I literally had 3 plates filled with them.

And end it all with some good ol' Chicken and Rice from 53rd and 6th.

There's this really nice place called The Good Steer out by Stony Brook. My friend's girlfriend brought us there while I went up to visit. I wish I took a picture of that delicious Wichita Pork Back Rib and baked potato. But, sadly I left my phone in my friend's dorm to charge. So here's a picture off Google Images:


  1. That's crazy! I want that steak now lol.
    Have you tried a carpet bag steak? Pretty damn good