Thursday, June 2, 2011

Imagination and Elephants

The one thing I can look forward to this summer break is catching up on some reading. I never find the time to do so in school.

I just (well, a week ago) finished Let Me In. This was the fourth book written by a Swedish author I've read in the past year. Hmm...Swedish literature. Anyways, I do not recommend this book to anyone who just wants a good read. My biggest mistake was buying the book because I know I'm not going to be reading it again. Don't get me wrong, though. It wasn't a bad book. There was a point in the book when I couldn't stop reading it.

Let me clear up what I just wrote and rephrase it a bit. I do not recommend this book to anyone with a vivid imagination. I visualize everything I read in my head. If you extract what I am imagining while reading, you can make a legitimate movie out of it. This book was gross and horrifying. I cringed while reading it as I visualized the gore and pain. Sometimes I didn't even want to turn the page because I grew a bit too attached to a character and didn't want something bad to happen to them.

Aside from the grossness and horror, the book jumped around too much among the different groups of characters. You get used to it but it doesn't help when I want to read what happens to a specific character and the book jumps to another. If you want to read a book that'll scare you through your own imagination, then I guess you can give it a read.

I'm halfway through with Water for Elephants and I have been pleasantly surprised. I can't say much about it now since I'm only halfway through but I am liking it so far. The story is picking up. I would be reading it now, but I don't want to finish it too quickly. I finished Let Me In 10 minutes into an hour long bus ride. I don't like having nothing to do on public transportation.

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