Friday, June 10, 2011

Milk and Adventure Time at the Supermarket

I'm the only one in my family to drink whole milk (or actually regular milk). My sister likes to drink soy milk. My mom likes to drink Lactaid milk (she isn't lactose intolerant). My dad just drinks tea. That naturally means I have to go get my own milk.

The good thing about having a supermarket a block down (as well as it being on the way to the rest of civilization in my neighborhood) from where I live is that I don't have to make much of an effort to go out. I can just throw on some shorts, slip on some shoes, and be on my way.

It wouldn't be much fun just going to get the things I want, pay for it and leave. The days I'm not exploring the supermarket aisles for random things to get, I like to make up a game. I try to imagine the lives of other people based on what they're getting. An old couple is at the register with a bunch of raw meat, some vegetables, cooking oil, and some beer. They're going home to cook up a feast for their children and grandchildren who are coming over for the weekend. A mother and her two children are at the dairy aisle picking out milk. The mother tells her daughters to go get some bread. The kids are picking out their morning breakfast so they'll be energized for school.

Then there are the people who are pretty much impossible to predict. These are the people I hate waiting behind at the register. They buy every imaginable item at the supermarket all at once. Not only does it take forever for the cashier to scan and whatnot, but the customers usually take forever paying for it. It's either they're paying for everything in cash and they're having trouble counting or they just simply can't work the card reader (whatever that thing is called).

Amazing how a trip to the market for milk can be quite an adventure sometimes. But I can't go there for Oreos. Well, not that I can't but more like I refrain from it. Why? I finish a pack in a day and for a day's snack to be more than a dollar something is ludicrous to me.


  1. i know exactly what you mean about the oreo thing. i hate buying fatty snacks and finishing them in one sitting. waste of money, waste of calories.

  2. i buy so much fatty snacks im sure the people checking me out are like "hurblurpblubloop"

  3. i sit here reading this post while shamelessly finishing the last couple mini slim jims from the 100pack...