Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dreaming and Dreaming Even Higher

I don't truly understand dreams. To me, they are just images your brain subconsciously puts together. I don't see any deeper meanings behind them. Just because one thing happens in a dream does not mean I'll prosper financially. I had a whole discussion about dreams with my family group the other day. I could go on, but it'll be a bore.

Like everyone else, I had a lot of dreams in my lifetime with only a fraction of those being remembered. But how awesome would it be to live a dream? Looking at all these athletes, singers, actors/actresses and thinking..."Wow, they're living the dream."

I was talking to the leader of the dance crew I'm in yesterday and towards the end of our discussion, I realized a newfound dream.

How cool would it be to dance for a living? To choreograph a routine for someone like Justin Bieber would be beyond awesome. How many people can say they choreographed for a star like Justin Bieber? Or perhaps I could be in a dance crew travelling the world and performing. It would be a dream come true to be on a show like America's Best Dance Crew. $100,000 grand prize. The right to tour around the nation with some of the best crews out there. Having people recognize who you are worldwide.


Is it foolish to still be thinking up dreams like this at this stage in my life?


  1. If you have the ability to dream it, you have the ability to achieve it

  2. I love dreams, no matter how crazy they are it's still your reality while dreaming.