Saturday, October 22, 2011

Morning Panic and Amazing Grace

All this stress is definitely chopping away years of my life. For those who don't know, I'm the biggest procrastinator you'll ever meet and that's not just exaggeration. The only way I can give 100% concentration and focus is through racing the clock at the most dire times.

I have a midterm review today. This is where I put all the projects I've done so far in this semester in two of my classes and the Comm. Design professors all gather and grade them. Only the dumbest and laziest of students wouldn't redo their worst projects and make them better for the review. I told myself to get started on it early in the week since I had a rather light week with not as heavy of a workload as normal. Fast forward to Friday night. I'm working at the slowest pace possible with snack breaks and YouTube watching.

At around 4 PM, I have nothing done yet. I still have all my projects that I finished in previous weeks, but nothing redone. My eyes are drooping like I haven't slept in years. I decided to take an hour and a half nap then work like crazy. I wake up at 6 and decided it was too cold, so I wrapped myself in my makeshift blanket and dozed off again. I wake up and hour later and I finally got my procrastinating butt to work. I either underestimated the difficulty of redoing projects or overestimated my own abilities. Either way, I only finished 3 of the probably 7 redo's I planned for the morning. I decided to use my old ones. They weren't terrible, but they could've been much better.

If you're still reading, then you're awesome. I'm about to get to my panic attack.

My review is at 11 AM and it's 10. I should have been at the Warehouse by now. What's the problemo? I lost two of my logo designs that I need for the review. I have a bunch of old drafts lying around that could technically pass, but they are beyond horrible. I'm searching for over half and hour and I'm about tear my hair out. It's too late by that time to run to the library to print another one out because I need to hand-draw one as well as mount both the hand-drawn one and printed one onto a board. I call a cab and use that time in which it takes to get to my place to give one last search for my lost logos.

God's power is real. I started pleading with my heart and mind for God to give me an idea of where they could be. Almost instantaneously, a light bulb goes off in my head. I take a look at a pad of watercolor papers I have. I flip through the pad and "ta-da"! My logos are wedged inside the pad. God is great.

I arrive at the review room to hang my stuff up at 10:55. Professors look at me in disappointment and state I should have been here an hour early. Not only do I have to hang my work up, I also have to hang my friend's up too since he went home for the weekend and couldn't do it. At least one of the professors applauded my willingness to help a friend in need despite me being ridiculously unpunctual (is that a word. Not punctual?).

I'm sitting on a couch right now outside the room awaiting my verdict. It's like waiting on death row. One piece of paper of evaluation will make or break my weekend. Word is that pretty much everyone gets a "C" on this midterm review. A "C" will make me the happiest guy on campus. A "B" will pretty much make me faint. A "D" will mortify me to no end. Oh, how I hope I can get at least a "C".

EDIT: The verdict is in. I am average! A "C" has never looked so relieving. I got 5's across the board except a 6 in "Clarity of concepts".