Monday, October 3, 2011

State of Mind and Characteristics

I was intrigued when I read a friend's post about which side of the brain you use. After a quick glimpse at the list of those who use the left side of their brain, I could quickly determine that I used the right side.

Here is a list (a rather lengthy one at that) of characteristics that is associated with those using the right side of their noggin. Note: I'll try to cut out the stupid bullet points.
Rock music is what actually got me into music. I'm Asian and my first favorite band was Linkin Park. Surprise, surprise.I don't read "How To's". I watch them. When I first tried to learn to tie a tie, I found a text. I couldn't figure it out for the life of me. Later, I found a wiki with pictures of steps to tying a tie. Nailed it.
I think I fall victim to being able to play a lot of sports (except volleyball...the one sport I'll never figure out which deducts 50 points off my Asian-ness) but not being particularly excellent at any of them.
My major.Here is where the list is wrong. I think cats are the most boring pets. I love dogs. I used to be terrified of them when I was younger until I learned they won't chew your arms off. Now, if you put a dog in front of me, I will not give it back.
I was the self-appointed class clown in elementary to middle school. I toned down a lot in high school when I figured out that was why all my teachers hated me. Now I'm only the clown with close friends back home.
No idea if I am, but I really want to see a hypnotist.
Mystery stories, yes. The Millennium trilogy by Stieg Larsson had me sleep deprived. I guess you can count the Hunger Games trilogy as fantasy, too. When I read, I want to be taken to a world outside of ours (not like alien sci-fi stuff).
Other people have never understood this about me. I always listen to music when I do homework. It distracts people I do homework with more than it does to me.
I guess if I had to choose a genre to write, fiction would probably be top of the list. I find it easier and more interesting to write about things that could never happen in real life.
I was the kid in class who got all giddy when the teacher announced a group project.
Countless dreams of being an NBA player, a rock star, a ninja, etc.
I doodle a lot in class. There's this one small robot character that has popped up in a few of my notebooks. Oh, and this nerd I recently made up in one of my classes.
Geometry was the math I received the highest grades for in high school. Go figure.I blank out a lot. I apologize in advance if this happens.
I absolutely loved it when we got to read out lines in English class for Shakespeare stories. My biggest regret in high school was not joining the drama club.The biggest annoyance of my middle school life was writing outlines for each Social Studies chapter for homework. I would rather summarize than give a boring outline.

I wonder what kinds of career are listed for people who use the right side of their brains. Oh, would you look at that. "Artist". I guess that makes it as clear as day about which side I use unless I want to become a lawyer out of the blue.


  1. -Prefer Group
    I loved it too until I came to college and obscenity that occurs when 5 art students try to decide on a color combination

    -Good at geometry
    Is the only subject I legitimately failed

    -Good at art
    My art skills are rusting away

    -Cat lovers
    I still hate cats

    -Prefer rock music
    I still have my Hybrid Theory album :)

    -Good at sports
    I consider myself good at team sports (soccer, basketball, volleyball)...I am terrible terrible at single sports or sports that require you to hold something (golf, tennis, baseball, pingpong, lacrosse)

    -Enjoy making up drawings and images
    I used to have my own comic book series that I sold to my friends for a dollar in middle school

    Fellow Right-Brainer

  2. You have 3 different fonts on this post, it bothers me greatly...

    Best Regards,

  3. Yeah, I dunno how that happened actually. Probably from when I c&p'ed.