Monday, November 22, 2010

Censorship and Procrastination

I don't understand censorship on television. I just finished watching Bad Santa on TV and apparently it's not ok to say f*** (or any of its other variations) or s***, but saying "bitch" is a-OK.

Yeah, this post is extremely short so I'll just add in random thoughts I have right now.

I have a paper due in about eight hours and I have yet to properly read through my assignment sheet. I know the basics of my assignment, but I don't know any specific details. I'm supposed to write my paper about movie trailers and the good stuff about them. We are to choose any film to use as our base. Considering that I may have to watch the film on the spot to make specific references, I decided to do it the only DVD I have on me right now...(500) Days of Summer. I didn't even realize I brought it up with me. It just happened to still be in my CD drive when I came back up to college.

I could always just stream a movie, but that takes too long for it fully buffer. I'm crossing my finger that the (500) Days of Summer has a good trailer for me write about.

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