Thursday, November 18, 2010

Time to be UNproductive

I have a Calc II exam in roughly three hours. I know I have to cram and study the materials in the section because my professor honestly cannot teach. He assumes we all know the material and speeds his way through his lessons. I've been doing well in this class so far for two reasons:
  1. For anyone who has any knowledge in Calculus, everything up until now have been kind of a breeze.
  2. Shockingly, I spend hours going through the textbook on sections that downright confuse me. How is that shocking? I have never actually studied in high school. I hardly studied freshman year (my mistake there). Now if only I could make this a habit.
There are (to be politically correct) three African-American females that sit at the table I sit at in class. Wow, they make me feel like a true Asian. I spend at least 70% of class time wondering how they made it to college.

How did you get the '2'?

The line directly above it has a '4'. The next line is missing a '2'. Hmm, perhaps he divided by 2? Division. Really? You learn this in elementary school.

There was this one time in class that the professor was generous enough to go over test corrections before we handed it in. I sat there watching two of them discussing with each out loud (it's like they never learned how to whisper) how to do the first problem. I watched as they completely got the problem wrong. One of them, thinking she got it right, showed the other her answer and said that's how you do it. I couldn't just sit idly any longer. I just handed them my exam and told them I got #1 correct. The next second, I saw erasers fly across their papers like erasing became an Olympic sport. Pretty funny.

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    so proud of you.
    i agree with your views on tumblr. that thing is NOT a blog!