Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm No Clown

I'm normally on Tumblr, but there are some things that aren't meant for Tumblr. Crazy that a few months ago, I would happily put anything on Tumblr. I soon realized it's no blog though. I can't post in-depth ramblings on it. Sure, I can post a a 3 paragraph post that's either humorous or sounds like I have an ax in my hand. But, no one is going to pay attention to a block of text that takes up half the page. There are some things that just aren't meant for it.

Blogspot (or I guess 'Blogger' to be more precise) will have to do. Xanga confuses me, so that's a no. I'm already familiar with Blogspot having used it for blog projects and an actual blog when I was in high school. I would use that blog, but I'd rather start off new. I'm a different person than when I was in high school.

Now if only Blogspot had Cambria as a default font. I'm too lazy to type in the HTML code and everything.

Now onto my actual post.

Just because I'm carefree on the surface and always firing off witty remarks does not make me a guy with no limits. You can push and I'll just laugh it off. But when you continually shove, that's where I draw my line. I am sick of working for a bunch of people who don't show proper respect. I try to be funny and light-hearted to soften the awkward work environment. Who wants to work with a bunch of people who keep to themselves? And that I accomplished. I've gotten the more recently hired employees to break out of their comfort zone and enjoy coming to work.

Perhaps I overdid it. Regardless, you should be able to tell when someone is pissed off. Don't go to them and push their buttons. Many people I know have told me they rarely see me upset or angry. I'd rather mask my unhappiness with a smile to brush off any burdens I would give people. But when I do show it, give me my space.

I ask a simple question to speed up the cleaning process and you treat it like I just asked for both your kidneys. I help a co-worker with his tasks after I finish everything I need to do, and I am reprimanded. I ask a co-worker to help me make a sandwich to bring home. I request no pickles. What does he do? You guessed it. He throws in extra pickles and even writes PICKLES on the wrapper. RESPECT. Is that so hard to ask for?

Should I stop being the fun co-worker? Should I go to work like a robot without any emotions? Will that give you guys a hint?

I actually had an actual point that I wanted to get across, but I got sidetracked venting about work. Now I can't even tie in that message with this post. But it felt good. I can't do this on Tumblr.


  1. Welcome to the blog world

    You should teach them how to dance
    and maybe bring in a mixtape they can play during work

    Everyone secretly wishes they can just break out and dance

  2. Yeah, some people just can't take a hint. I actually was like that towards a friend of mine. She would always take my jokes in stride and said "nothing offended her." Eventually, it got a little out of hand, and I learned that every one has their limits. Sometimes you gotta think about what you are going to say before you actualy say it.