Sunday, December 5, 2010

Future Generations

Playing games on my phone now serves a second purpose. Besides entertaining me when I'm bored (Fruit Ninja, Scrabble, and Robot Unicorn Attack kill time like on other), it has now helped me draw back some memorable conversations (actually, it was only one conversation...making it plural makes it sound better).
Just a side note, sometimes I wish I didn't get the iPhone. It has turned my phone into an academic failure device. I can barely pay attention in lectures nowadays when I can just pull out my phone and play a computer in chess or check Facebook/Tumblr. Kids these days have it good.

That last sentence is basically what I wanted to blog about.

It was a memorable conversation I once had with some friends at IHOP. We were talking about how we couldn't wait to be crabby old men. How fun would it be to sit on a rocking chair on your porch all day and yell at the neighborhood kids to get off your lawn? Ok, it may not seem fun. But, the idea of it entertained us into a good laugh. We were supposed to have flying cars and time machines. What happened? Our biggest technological breakthrough is the iPad. We are facing an energy crisis. Our biggest news (well, on the front page of Yahoo! that is) is what Halle Berry wore. Really? We're disappointing those old guys in white coats who dreamed of time machines.

Millions of minds are connected to each other through the internet and what's the best we can come up with?

Ok, maybe that's not the best, but you get the point. We are more concerned with the latest Tweets and what our friends are up to on Facebook.

Part of me wants to hurry up with the aging process and see where my life is going to lead. I'll see what the world will become. A world of even more superficial human beings who revolve their lives around social networking? Or a utopia where we good things? I don't know. I'm just waiting for flying cars.

The other part of me wants to stay young. Just the thought of passing the halfway mark in my lifespan depresses me. I'm still young. I have a long way to go. But life seems like it has been on fast forward. It seems just like yesterday I was 12 and dreaming of being 16 and in control. Ha!

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