Monday, December 6, 2010

Movies and Surprise

The film screenings at ETS 154 has been a hit or miss for me. The movies either bore me to sleep or captures my full attention for the entirety of the film. Some of the interesting films thus far are: The Birds, Devil in a Blue Dress, Mission: Impossible II, and Om Shanti Om.

Add Run Lola Run to the list.

This film is a German thriller that eerily reminds me of Yellowcard's Ocean Avenue music video. Now that I think about it, they probably based their MV on this movie since they share similar scenes such as running past a group of nuns, a homeless with trash bags, and being hit by a car. The most significant and noticeable similarity? Every time the protagonist reaches a dead end (or fails), they restart at their starting point. Each run produces a different outcome.

I wanted to make a list of movies I want to watch that are in theatres or are coming out soon. But, that list is quite short. I'll share regardless:
  • The Warrior's Way (Asians, action, ninjas vs. cowboys...what more can I say? Though it did get 44% of Rotten Tomatoes...)
  • Yogi Bear [12/17] (I liked the cartoon as a kid and Justin Timberlake nailed Boo Boo's voice)
  • Green Hornet [1/14] (Jay Chou's Hollywood debut and I'm interested in the character of the Green Hornet. Never heard of the superhero before this movie)
I guess there's going to be little to no movie watching in theaters this winter break. There's plenty of movies I still want to watch, but I can just download or stream those.

One movie that did catch my eye as I was looking at movies "coming soon" is...Ip Man 2! What in the world? For those who do not know, Ip Man taught Bruce Lee the martial art Wing Chun. I saw the first movie in Cantonese and it was brilliant! (I've only seen bits of the second one. I will watch the full film soon) A riveting plot and mind-blowing fight scenes. But the second movie, which has been long out is being shown in theaters in the United States! I'm still in shock. I encourage everyone to watch both films, though some of the fight scenes are a bit brutal. But it's not like there's blood splattering everywhere.

And now it's time to work on my Secret Santa gift. Arts and crafts time.

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